The Three Laws of Whole Body Healing

Learn about three timeless laws of healing that are simple yet powerful. In sum, whole body healing is possible when you first improve the body’s ability to excrete toxins such as metabolic waste, heavy metals, and pollution from air/food/water.

This audio presentation is 56 minutes long and covers topics well beyond the products offered by Reset Cells. This is a paradigm of healing that works whether or not you use our products. In fact, these laws have been working long before any of us were alive! Reset Cells simply produces products that make it easier to apply the three laws conveniently and cost-effectively.

The Three Laws of Whole Body Healing describe the path to healing:

1. Heal from the Top Down (Take 100% Control of Your Health.) Assume personal responsibility for your health, commit to implementation, love yourself, and know that healing is possible.

2. Heal from the Inside Out. Begin the causal chain of healing by beginning with the single most important organ: the large intestine*. The sewer of the body, improving the health and function of this critical organ is the first step to whole body healing.

3. Heal in Reverse Order (Healthy Replacement.) Enjoy restored health throughout the body in a predictable order as your body replaces diseased tissues with healthy cells after the key causes of disease are removed.

* Note: COMING SOON is our highly anticipated Intestinal formula, a blend of over 30 of the most important ingredients for improved intestinal health. Check back for news and availability in 2016.

For an immediate strategy to improve your intestinal health, follow the instructions in the audio presentation. Specific ingredients are listed that are easily found in your local food store such as organic golden flax seeds, fresh vegetables, fiber supplements such as psylium husks, prebiotic foods, and probiotic supplements.